Anyone have the No Strings Attached clutch?

  1. I really like the No Strings Attached clutch in white/rose gold. But I want to know if it gets dirty where you hold it. I'm scared to buy a white clutch because I don't want hand prints to get on it. But I love it so much! :heart: I'm torn.

    Does anyone have any modeling pics? Do we know if RM is going to make this clutch in other colors this spring?
  2. i have the no strings clutch in the eggplant /eggplant suede. i love it!! its just perfect. unfortunately i dont have pictures of it. but. i did see some pictures of it on the forum. i will try and find some for you! :smile:
  3. mockingglee does and there's a pic in her avatar. i also believe she posted pics somewhere in here
  4. You rang? :p I don't have pics of me holding it, but here are size comparisons of it with a magazine and with a Matinee. I hold it either in the crook of my elbow or holding the top where the leather is (it's quite stiff there, so almost like a handle). I don't really hold it in my palm as much as I thought I would.


  5. yep. i knew someone on here had that picture, lol. i love the clutch. it is great. im actually wearing it tonight out to dinner with my little black dress.. it truley is a great versatile clutch!!! :smile:
  6. I have the No Strings Clutch in Nickel/Sand, which is also a light color. I don't have photos while holding it. I know where you're coming from, I also tend to shy away from purchasing white or very light bags, but I fell in love with the Nickel/Sand clutch.


    Whatever color you choose, though, you'll love this clutch!
  7. mockinglee, the pictures are great! I didn't realize it was so big! gorgeous color =)
  8. ^ i didn't realize it was that big either! wow

    i love the eggplant color:smile: