Anyone have the new tartan or graffiti?

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  1. I'm stuck between these two! The new black graffiti, and the new bluish tartan. I just can't pick between them.

    Anyone have any input or modeling pics or non stock pics? I'm debating between the luxey satchel and the glam tote in both prints. LOL Though I kind of like the tartan in the glam more than the luxey.

    I wish they had the pocket hobos.. then it'd be no contest. The graffiti would be super cute in it. :graucho:
  2. I think the new Graffiti print is awesome! I want the large cosmetic case and maybe the universal case too.:PI say they are both cute.
  3. I have the graffiti, I am saving it for travel, I think it is a very resort/summer print.
    I saw the tartan also at the boutique, but the only reason I didn't choose it is because I feel it is defintely more of a fall/winter print. I would buy both if I could, only could get one, but I wanted warm weather type of look. They are both so adorable.
  4. Your boutique has the prints already? I called mine today, they didn't know when they would be getting them.

    What bag did you get in the graffiti?
  5. Oh, forgot to mention which bag, duh! I bought the Poppy Glam Tote and the Wristlet in the Graffiti. I also bought the Poppy Heart Key Fob to attach to hangtag.
  6. I am dying to see the Graffiti IRL too (I have seen it on the scarf, but I want to see how the pattern translates to the bags and other accessories). My store is not getting them until next week, but there are a few stores in the surrounding area that has them -- just too far for me to go :sad:. I have a wristlet on order at my store, so I will get to see it soon :smile:!
  7. I have the tartan glam and the sneakers. I love the print! It's kind of a slate blue and both the black stripe and the silver stripe are metallic. Not super sparkly, like the berry tartan, but very nice. I'm very happy with my choice! Once the zippy wallet in tartan comes (hopefully Monday) I'll be switching over!
  8. Can you both share some pics of your totes? :smile:
  9. The zippy wallet was on the site this morning. I may order the glam when I go to FP today. I have to send my poor Zoe in for repair, her stitching is coming loose near the strap :sad:
  10. OHHH pictures Please!!
  11. From what JAX told me, there is the graffiti writing on the tartan glam tote. :sad: I'm not so sure I want it now.
  12. I didn't see the bags in grafitti print but I saw the universal case and I was very disappointed - the fabric is completely different from the tartan print - it feels like polyester as opposed to cotton on the tartan. I didn't like it at all, it felt cheap.
    As for the black/blue tartan I can't tell yet because I only saw it on sneakers and that wasn't enough to judge from.
  13. The uni case in the graffiti felt the same as my zebra uni case.. so I wonder if they just do a thicker material on those so they are more durable or something. It really does feel like poly or nylon or something off.. not a typical Coach material.... at least not for their bags.