Anyone have the new Gryson Blue Jean Skye?

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  1. I keep looking at this bag...I'm so sorely tempted. I've never owned a Grayson, though I've heard good things. Anyone have it in this color?
  2. I love the color of that bag and also like the woven blue jeans bags of Gryson. I would love to see one in person.
  3. I've seen the bag IRL in a different color. It is a wonderful bag!
  4. I have the Gryson Skye (more than one):love: I don't have the blue jean color, but I have seen it IRL. It is really beautiful. I love the way the blue/gray color blends with the brown trim. As for the style itself I am crazy about it. It is a great everyday bag that is beautifully made. The leather is supple and actually improving with time and wear. The interior is beautifully detailed suede with leather piping trimming the inside pockets. It gets lots of compliments!

    My daughter has the Gryson Olivia (same style but larger). I was amazed at how this seemingly over-sized bag seems to snuggle right into her shape as she carries it making it look very appropriate, even on a smaller girl. Kind of makes me think there's an Olivia in my future!

    As for the Skye, go for it! I can't imagine you'd be disappointed!
  5. Gryson is my next purchase. Everyone raves about them.
  6. Thanks everyone. My resolve is definitely weakening. Now if only if I could find a good deal...:graucho:
  7. Nicoletchka,

    My understanding is that you've got a good deal if you can even find the Skye in Blue Jean. Gryson had some issues with their factory in Italy this spring which created a shortage of certain styles and colors. The Blue Jean Skye is one of the most coveted in their line. If you really love it, don't wait!
  8. Oh my goodness, really? Now it's definitely on!
  9. Blue jean is in stock @ Nordstrom Woodland Hills. I was
    :drool: over one today -definitely on my wishlist.
  10. I have a Gryson Skye in Grey and I love it! I almost looks similar in color to the Blue Jean.

    ^I didn't know that Nordstrom now carries Gryson! That's pretty awesome!
  11. Ohh pretty color! I love this bag.
  12. any codes for shoptwigs?
  13. If you have a Bloomingdale's near you, they have that bag. It's beautiful, and Friends and Family is next week(first weekend in May), and you could get it for 20% off.
  14. Oh my goodness! At they have several colors of the Skye (including blue jean) for $675! Neiman Marcus and shoptwigs had them for $725. Plus shipping is free and there is no tax unless you live in new york or connecticut! I emailed the site to make sure it was the blue jean color (they listed it as blue with brown trim) and a lovely rep also sent me a 10% off code. Just placed my order! :yahoo:

    Get it while it's hot!!!