anyone have the new "FAWN" inclusion color??

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  1. due to an expected price increase later this month, i am thinking about purchasing some inclusion pieces now. no one really knows the exact date the item prices will be jacked up or which are being adjusted, but i'm gonna be on the safe side.

    i do not think i have seen his color in person. maybe, not sure. i'm trying to decide how i want to purchase, since buying through elux (although i don't think they have it in stock now) but elux is no tax. anyone know if charges tax? probably to states that have LV stores?

    anyway, who has the new FAWN color in inclusion? is it like a light light light pink? like not white, and i see it has red swarovski crystals? (or is it white?) i tried the gray inclusion on and thought it was really pretty but i want a speedy key ring too. i'm not sure if i should get the bracelet pm in gray or fawn, and the speedy keyring in gray...or i should just get the bracelet in gray too. i was wondering whether i should switch the colors up a bit by getting a fawn bracelet.

    anyone have a fawn or gray bracelet that i can see pics of? just trying to decide. TIA :yes:
  2. Go for the grey! It's gorgeous with the pearls inside and the silver. Do you wear more gold or silver jewelry in color?
  3. ^^^ hmm...but i i'm thinking i did see the one on the site labled as "fawn" (even if it's the wrong name) -- is it supposed to look like violette? because the one i saw looks like the one on the site.
  4. yes. that's the bracelet i saw. looks nothing like "violette" to me. lolll.
  5. the pearls were what drew me, and i tend to wear more silver which was why i was leaning towards the grey.
  6. ^^
    Go for the grey!!! It's so unique and different!!!!
  7. Yeah I'd go for the gray too.
    I know it's not exactly the same as the Vernis color of it, but most of the Inclusion colors aren't. I think the closest they ever got to the actual vernis colors were Framboise and Pomme (possibly Amarante but it lacks the sparkle).
  8. i'm just on the fence about it because it doesn't have any crystals in it. i like the pearls but having crystals AND pearls in it would be sooo pretty :smile: hmmm...i think then maybe i'll go for the grey bracelet and save the keyring for something with crystals.
  9. oh wow, lol okay i guess i'm sold on a gray bracelet then. i'd get a noir speedy keyring if i had a black mirage speedy but mine is bordeaux. hmm. guess i'll search for the keyring in another color then. maybe second hand.