Anyone have the Miu Miu Plisse Satchel?

  1. This is a nice smaller bag - not too small, not too big and the handles are decorative if you use the strap, NICE!!!

    Here's a pic:

    In my dream world, I would have this for my small every day purse and the Prada Antik Cervo Handbag for my big bag.
    0404384810628_275x275.jpg 0416678814359_275x275.jpg
  2. Does no one like the smaller Plisse satchel bag? It's such a nice size and has the short straps and the long strap and seems such a classic, yet no one seems to have gotten one here?

    Anyone get ANY of the Plisse style bags?
  3. I really love it and I am still thinking about which one to get, the brown Plisse or a Celine Bittersweet large bag......
    so hard to choose!

    Do you think this will look very outdated 1 or 2 years later?:s