Anyone have the Mini Lin Speedy in DUNE? I need your advice! please ro

  1. I have the mini lin speedy in ebene and i am totally obsessed with it. But for spring I like to carry a lighter colored bag - so i am debating getting teh same speedy mini lin but in the dune/white color.

    i am just worried that the light linen will easily get dirty/discolored... and that the white leather handles will become darkened from holding ot or carrying it on the arm / rubbing against the skin, etc..

    Does anyone have this bag and can let me know how it wears? I would be carrying this bag every day from may - sept so it would get alot of use... i just dont want it turning into a dirty mess!!!

    any help appreciated!
  2. I am just like you. I got an Ebene one and loved it so much I bought a dune one. Mine still looks as good as the day I bought it. I have to admit I do not use it everyday. I try to rotate my bags daily and I have about 15 bags. So I only really use each bag about 2 times a month. I had a few small dirt spots on it and I used a damp cloth with a little soap and water and it cleaned right up.

    Let me know if you have any other questions and I will be more than happy to answer them. I had the same concerns as you did before I bought it.

    I say go for it!!!
  3. hello there, I know the mini lin collection well (get to handle it on a daily basis ;), the dune is a great colour but I wouldn't buy it to be used every day... it will wear/get grubby on the corners and it will be impossible to clean. If you are considering buying this, please do not use it every day and beware dark colours on your clothing (jeans etc.)
  4. I am so glad you posted this question. I was wondering the same thing! I would love to get a summer speedy but cannot spend 2k on an MC. I thought the Dune Mini Lin would be a good alternative. I do worry about it getting dirty.
  5. I was worried about the same thing, and had actually posted about it before mine arrived, but after I had ordered it :p I have used mine several times, only had it for about 3 months, so I can't say for sure how well it will wear with every day use for an extended amount of time. I bought the mini lin croisette in blue about a month ago and have been using it more now :p (I live in the south, it's almost always nice and sunny so I can get away with that lol :p). But not long after I got the Dune, we were out to eat, and something greasy-ish and dark got on my bag, I was highly upset, but when we got home, I got a damp wash cloth with just a dab of plain soap on it, and lightly scrubbed it away, and it's as good as new. If you really like it, I say go for it.