Anyone have the Men's Basace?

  1. Hiya Ladies (and gents). I saw this (at least I THINK I did) at Bal NY with Aaallabama and it's really growing on me. Does anyone have this style? Any pro's/con's? Also has anyone seen this in Europe?

    BTW - photo's from Ateliernaff (thanks!!!)

    Cal :idea:
  2. LVR has it. I haven't seen it IRL but I like this style a lot and could see myself having one, too. I think it's great for trips with kids etc.
  3. wow, Cal-gal, that definitely looks like the yummy bag we saw, delish!!! :P
  4. Thanks Tanja. It's not showing up on the LVR pdf file that I have. Do you know what colours are available? I think it will be a great hands-free bag. It's not huge, a bit smaller than the city (not as wide) but will fit a few of the essentials in (and I can ride my bike with it).
  5. It does look that same doesn't it Aaall? Have you tried it on or opened it? I think I was so overwhelmed being in a Bal store that I didn't even give it more than a quick glance. Now I'm really considering it. Hmmmmm......
  6. yeppers, i'm 99.9% sure that's da one Cal & although i haven't tried it on, i think it would be perfect on you :tender:
  7. this bag is what i wish i could afford to buy for my boyfriend... it's such a cool bag!