Anyone have the medium hobo horsebit?

  1. This is my first GUCCI bag.:love: I'm picking it up at the GUCCI store here in Phoenix. I'm so excited about it! :yes:
    I want to know what are your thoughts on this bag, if you own one or you know someone that does.
  2. Great bag! I used to have this exact one but sold it last winter. I have the matching boots and also have the horsebit clutch with metal bamboo chain strap. I decided that I didn't need two horsebit bags so I sold the medium hobo.

    Anyway, it's a wonderful bag! Stays nicely on the shoulder and has plenty of room inside. It keeps it's shape nicely too!

    Congrats on your first Gucci bag purchase! You made a wise decision!
  3. Oooh Congrats!!! Please post pics I have two large ones, but I;m really thinking of getting this exact one. The horesebit strap is pure genius!!!
  4. I have the large... it is a gorgeous bag! You will love it!
  5. Congrats on your first Gucci! I love the medium horsebit hobo! Its classy and really Rockstar! It will pretty much go with alot. I am on the fence on buying the red or navy leather medium horsebit. So, when you get yours please post pics.:yes:
  6. this was my first Gucci and I love it.
  7. congratulations on your 1st gucci changainlove, it's gorgeous!!!
  8. I was considering purchasing the medium horsebit hobo but when I tried it on at the store it felt very stiff. Those of you who have/had this purse, does it take long for the strap the soften up a bit?
  9. Congrats, the first Gucci is always special!