Anyone have the medium heloise shopper??

  1. Hi,

    Already so addicted to Chloe!! Haven't even got my first paddy yet in mail and already want another Chloe!!:wtf:

    Anyone out there have the medium size shopper? It looks wonderful...maybe even for work bag....

    Thanks gals!!
  2. Do you have a picture of the Medium Heloise Shopper you are asking about? I have a second Heloise coming from NAP, as the first one had a small problem, and if it is the same one you are referring to, it is absolutely gorgeous!!!
  3. That is a similar Heloise, but not the same as the one I purchased, picture below. All I can say is that the leather is amazing, it fits perfectly on the shoulder, and is roomy, but not overly large.....Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Hmmm... I think it might be a go then. I love yours as well, and I like how the other one is more east/west. I like them both. Especially the handle. I'm seriously addicted! My first paddy arrives tomorrow at 4:30!! I'm so happy about it, and already drooling over these others...

    What a nice bag you have. The terrible thing is I'd love to wait til it goes on sale, but I get worried about things selling out!!
  5. OOOOoooh yeah! This is the one that I love. I want to eventually buy it in some crazy color. Of course red is an option but I wonder if there is a blue available?
  6. Haven't yet seen a blue....but maybe they're waiting. The red is a great color
  7. There are a bunch of these in patent leather at in a few interesting colors. Also, the one that I purchased will be sold sometime in October, in regular leather, in a Taupe color.