Anyone have the maxicosi mico carseat?

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  1. I have a maxicosi mico carseat that is a hand me down from SIL. I know that it is for infants 29" or 22lbs. My DS is 2 months and 13lbs/24" and the harness is so tight on him. SIL said she used the seat until my nephew was 1.5 years and 31"/20lbs. I thought I didn't loosen the harness enough so just went to store to check and see if I'm doing it correctly and I have let it out all the way. It seems so strange that it is tight on my ds @ 2 months already. Does anyone have experience with the mico? I just purchased the graco snugride 35 and don't want to open it until I'm sure the mico is too small!
  2. Yup I've loosen the harness all the way and moved it up. It's soo tight I feel bad clicking the buckle.
  3. Thanks for the link. I'm going to check it out tomorrow again.
  4. Not sure if your aware but there are some recalls on the Mico. IMHO, it isn't that great of a seat and has a lot of issues. I would be using your SnugRide35.
  5. Alo6 let me know what happens I wanted the maxi cosi. But I don't want it if I won't be able to use it when my baby is 2 months.
  6. Here are the recalls so far on the seat;

    American recall

    Canadian recall

    To be honest, I have worked with seats made after the dates on the recall and they all seem to have the same issue of not going on the base properly so I wouldn't be shocked to see more recalls on this seat in the future. Another issue is the manufacturer of the seat, Dorel, is notorious for recalls and often fights them so bad that they take YEARS to come out. They recently had a recall on a seat that is now expired but they kept appealing the recall with NHTSA for so many years that it just came out. Their other infant seat called the Designer 22 is under notice in Canada for also not staying on the base in a crash.

    Maxi Cosi was once considered high end, this is NOT the case anymore since Dorel purchased the brand and drove it into the ground. Honestly, Dorel is a questionable company and there are issues with almost all of their seats and the Mico in particular is a piece of junk. I would not trust Dorel as far as I could throw them. Recalls aside, the seat doesn't install well in many vehicles, last very long or fit babies very well.
  7. I ended up getting the Graco Snugride 35. I loosened the MaxiCosi all I can and it's just so tight around his thighs. I figured I would get a new one anyway since there is no way that DS will last in the MaxiCosi for another month. I've heard from several other people that their little ones grew out of MC at 4 months. The Graco and Peg Perego carseats had another loop in the back of the harness so you can extend them. The Graco is so much roomier and DS seems to be so much happier in the Graco. I admit that it is bulkier and not as attractive as the MaxiCosi. The MaxiCosi does seem to be less plasticy than the Graco but the Graco is so much easier to use! The MC base is an absolute nightmare and to click in the buckle on the straps was really difficult as well (especially with a squirmy infant). I am really happy with the Graco. Plus the adaptors snap in so much easier with the Bugaboo. The MC was such a pain getting in and out of the stroller adaptors.

    My SIL still thinks I'm nuts and totally exaggerating. I don't think she believes me. She is quite insecure about my nephew being on the small side (3rd percentile) and kept telling me she had him in the MaxiCosi till he was 1.5 years.
  8. well, I don't have a problem with mine. My baby is also 2 months old now and I tried to loosen up the belt and have no problems with it. Another friend of mine is using the same Mico carseat and her baby is almost a year old now. I am aware of the recall and its the base that is being recalled. Luckily, mine was made after the recall so I do not need to do any exchange. However, if you purchase an older version, they will be able to exchange the base for you right away. I'm using the Mico with the bugaboo also.

    Alo6- will you be able to bring in the Mico to a local store and have it fixed it for you? Just a suggestion! Hope you can resolve the problem soon!
  9. Luckily it was a hand me down so I didn't spend any money on it. That's great you are happy with the mico. Maybe because the one I have is an older model that was used by my
    nephew for 1.5 years it's a little more problematic.