Anyone Have The Madison Leather Carryall In Acorn?

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  1. Hello Ladies,
    I had sent my Python Kristin Satchel back to my store (the second one) because it was so unevenly marked. I have been deciding what to get instead and I like the carryalls. I looked at the newest gray croc Madison Embossed exotic Satchel because it is sturdy and very classy. The only thing that is stopping me is the heaviness of that nickel chain. I took it off and it still feels heavy. Well, as it happends I was in Nordstums yesterday feeling a bit blue for I was uncasted on my foot and took an
    MRI and I seem to have another fracture that has not healed and I am casted again...Now that is a shock and a bummer, and so I went Well, you know how we "Coachies" are. I saw a girl carrying a medium satchel in a very pretty medium brown. It was definitely not a walnut color and I asked her if I could see it since I really liked it. It had a pink lining, the two snapps inside, a middle compartment for organization and a gold creed. I wrote the number down and it was the same as this year's bag. The girl was friendly and visiting Florida from Tennessee. She thought her bag was from last year and it was a gift. I loved the color and it went with everything but I was not sure it was this year's bag. I called the store and they thought if it was last years walnut not the acorn. I really liked the color and the style and the leather was typical madison lovely sparkly thick leather. I wonder if you all know if acorn is a medium brown and much lighter than the walnut since there are none left. I am thinking of getting it for an everyday bag since I find the embossed a bit heavy with the chain and I do have another gray/brownish bag although the croc is very different. Do any of you have the carryall in acorn and is the leather nice and made as well as last years carryall? I wonder how you can tell the difference if this years leather is thinner? Thanks for your help. :smile:
  2. I have seen both bags...the walnut from last year and the this year's acorn color. I do not own either of them, but from what I can remember the leather seems the same. The color is a bit different...the Walnut is a little bit deeper and richer looking than the Acorn which may make the leather look like a different quality but again, it does seem the same (texture and look).

    If you're looking for a really deep brown for this time of year, Coach has a Mia Maggie in Mahogany that is absolutely stunning! It's not a carryall but it is a shoulder bag. Just thought I'd throw it out there, too.
  3. Hi, I have never seen the walnut and so I am really not at all sure that is the color that I had seen on the girl wearing in the mall on Sunday but the numbers on the creed and the pink inside are the same. I think the acorn is pretty but when I went to the local Coach store yesterday to look at the color and they showed me two store samples, the diffference was definitely apparent in the leathers. One was shiny and more like the old shiny Sabrina leather and the other one was lighter and more dull. If that was the store I was ordering from, I would have taken the darker shinier more madison leather in the floor sample because it looked richer and more sparkly. Perhaps it just got darker because it was a store sample. Thanks!!!