Anyone have the LV Hudson?

  1. I think this shoulder bag is so cute. I don't have any LV shoulder bags and this was my first choice. I was wondering if anyone can take a picture w/their bag and how many things it can hold. That way I can decide whether or not I want to order it from I hate driving 1.5 hrs just to go to an LV store. Thanks.
  2. hudson innen2.jpg hudson innen.jpg

  3. Wow! Thanks GerGirl, it's 5:30 am right now and I was thinking, "I'll never find that thread"!!

    But yes, it fits alot I agree, you just have to arange it the right way. I love it. In fact, I'm going to spray my strap and buckle part of the leather today (I'm soooooo scared to do it though) with shining monkey. I don't want ANY water spots on this strap!! I think it looks very classy on.
  4. [​IMG]


    Still room for more in the main compartment.
    I keep car keys in one outside pocket and a compact w/mirror in the other.
    I love this purse, too.
  5. It is a very pretty bag...I was looking at this the other night when I was trying to decide what to get. I decided on the Manhatten PM, but it was a tough one. Good luck with your decision, it is beautiful!
  6. I really want a Hudson PM. I'm trying to decide if I wanna spend 1400 dollars on it though.
  7. Just wanted to say thanks for the pics. I was looking at the Hudson yesterday and was wondering how much stuff I could fit into it.
  8. It is a lot of money, but it has beautiful detail - lots of nice leather and brass. It really dresses up any outfit. I didn't want to spend that much for a purse either, so when my DH asked me if there was anything special I wanted for my birthday, I said, " a matter of fact..."
  9. I've spent that much on a chanel (my most expensive bag currently), but I average about 1200 per purse. I'm not sure about moving my average up. But I didn't want to give it back to the SA when I went to go look at it.
  10. :greengrin:
    Aaawww :shame: Thanks, ayla!
  11. *jazzybelle* has one of these - I emailed her about this thread. :yes:

  12. Me too about the pricing! That's why I ran to get mine before the price hike. Somehow, 1300's just seemed much better than 1400's! :yes: :biggrin:
  13. I'm going to LV today, I may walk out with one...who knows!:rolleyes:
  14. Thanks everyone for posting the pictures. I do love the bag.
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