Anyone have the LV Antigua Cabas GM?

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  1. Okay LV girls,
    Need advice: I have my eye on the LV Antigua Cabas GM in cream/off-white (they call it ecru) with contrasting brown cowhide trim and a very gorgeous striped interior. kind of Palm Beach meets preppy...
    The price is great although the main fabric IS cotton canvas. I like it though and am looking for a great summery tote to take to the FLA keys with me in the winter.
    Thinking also about the Pochette Plate PM as a complimentary accessory for the bag-the store near me only has it in brown, not cream. Still will look cute with the bag.
    Maybe a wallet too to go with it?
    Anyone have this line, the Antigua Cabas GM?

  2. I love the Antigua line!!

    I believe Twinkle.Tink has a beautiful collection of them:smile:
  3. I have the MM in blue and love it!! Definately great for FL, I carried mine all summer!
  4. I would recommend a dark color in this line as it does get dirty. I have the red/purple besace and I can see slight dirt marks on it.
  5. hey bag snob, is it tough to clean the lighter color canvas? so it's not coated or treated with anything? i really want the off-white/ecru though. Does the LV shop give you anything to clean it with? or, can you treat it with say, scotch guard before use?
    I know its going to get lots of wear in FLA because I have a three-year-old and lots of kid's stuff goes in my totes.
    just wondering. I plan to go in this week and buy it plus the pochette plate PM in Brown
  6. ok I can never remeber which size is GM I have this bag, it's the smallest size

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  7. I was totally wanting one until I saw one on eBay with the edges a bit worn - the canvas did not look nice at all. Too bad b/c I really wanted a GM. :sad:
  8. It is not coated but it may be treated. I sprayed mine with fabric protectant and it still got slighty dirty. See if you can find a used one on ebay just to look at pics of it and see if you would be happy with the color.
  9. I've wiped mine down with baby wipes and it cleans up nice :smile: I sprayed it with fabric protectant too.
  10. I have 3 GMs, needless to say I love them. I sprayed them with fabric protectant, and they seem to be holding up well. I have had the brown the longest, ans I am not easy on my bags, and if it is looking a bit dusty I wipe it down with baby wipes and it looks great. Hope this helps.

  11. Amy, just saw the pic of your little girl, she is so cute!
  12. I have both of the pieces you mentioned and use them together and it looks stunning!

    But I would recommend that if you got the ecru Cabas to have it protected with a fabric protectant. I found out the hard way that dark denim jeans rub off on the back side of the bag. First time I was able to wipe it off easily with an oxyclean wipe. I think the canvas they use is coated a little bit or some kind of resistant but I didn't take another chance. I used scotchguard on the backside and underside of the bag. The marks came back with use, but did wipe off again.

  13. love the colors you have :smile:

  14. omg lov ur collection!!
  15. I have the biggest one in white colour, it's really big but i'm tall and really love spacious bags. HOWEVER it get's filthy so easilY! I'm to lazy to get it clenaed but stopped using it in the meantime because of all the stains. I'm thiking of getting one in red or purple. Or red AND purple. :graucho: