Anyone have the Legacy Stripe Tote?

  1. Hi... I am new here. I just got my FIRST 2 Coach handbags. I got the Fall Patchwork Small Duffle for Christmas and the Khaki/Saddle Carly for my birthday...which isn't until the 29th but hubby let me have it now. I was wondering if anyone has the Legacy Stripe Tote and if you could post a pic of it on if you do!! Thanks!!! Annette
  2. i don't have the legacy stripe tote [its beautiful, though.]
    but i just wanted to say welcome to the forum! :welcome:
  3. Hi. Thanks Jenn. This looks like it could get dirty easily too and how would it clean up??
  4. Welcome to tPF from a fellow yinzer! :welcome:

    I don't have the legacy stripe tote, but it seems like it is a material similar to the scarf print bags - and I know that those clean off fairly easy with baby wipes. But I would be concerned about getting it dirty too!
  5. does look like the scarf print. I just love all the colors in that bag and I see a few on eBay but no one is modeling with it on. I can't believe there is already someone from the burgh responding to my post!!
  6. I have the Katy Travel Tote, see the link for my collection in the signature line.

    Update 5 on the right has the tote, wristlet, and makeup bag.
  7. i've heard that scarf print can be cleaned with mild soap and water or baby wipes.
    but from what i've heard most people suggest baby wipes.
    just so long as you don't like, put her on the floor.... :wtf: i think you'll be fine. :yes:
  8. I own the Legacy Stripe tote, along with the matching flats, but haven't carried it yet as I'm saving it for the Spring/Summer season. Since both the tote and flats are made from either a silk or satin material, my SA recommended that I at least spray the shoes with a fabric protectant before wearing just in case anything were to splash or spill on the the flats. Here's some photos of the tote and flats that I found off eBay:

    Legacy Stripe Tote.jpg
    Legacy Stripe (Ladie) flats.jpg
  9. Does the bag snag easily? I really wanted to get the tote but haven't for fear of snagging.
  10. borrowed from eBay


  11. it's a beautiful bag!
  12. You'd definitely have to be careful of this, especially if you're wearing any chunky jewelry. I also own the scarf print Ergo tote and am extra careful when carrying the bag.
  13. So gorgeous, but I'd never be able to carry this bag... be too scared to snag the material!
  14. Hi there! I've been a lurker on here for awhile but never really posted.

    I wanted to share my experience on this bag. I LOVE IT to death and still do. However I got it around Labor day used it as an everyday purse and slowly the corners of it did start to snag. Around December I took it back to them and had it sent to the customer service center. Since it isn't fixable they gave me store credit. So if you go for this bag I suggest not using it as an everyday purse. Be cautious with it. That's my 2 cents.;)
  15. Thanks for the replies. I think I am thinking twice about this bag. I would probably definitely be one to snag it!! I'll keep looking for something colorful. Any suggestions? Or anything new coming out that is colorful that anyone knows of?