anyone have the legacy stripe agenda/planner?

  1. i bought this and now seeing the threads about the matching tote snagging and getting dirty i am worried about that, since this will be used every day. anyone have experience using this? is there a way to clean it if it does get dirty? i have the 4x7 size.
    4 X 7 LEGACY STRIPE AGENDA_60061_B4MC_d2_178.jpg
  2. I am more like scared of scratching it with jewelry or finger nails :lol:
    again.. i would use baby wipes if it gets dirty :girlsigh:
  3. I have the 4x7, too, but I haven't been diligent in using it daily as of yet. So far, no snagging of any kind (knocking on some serious wood!) but I'm thinking of using baby wipes to clean if it gets dirty like everyone's suggested. I'm babying it as much as possible. *lol* Hope you enjoy your new planner, too!!
  4. I have the 6 X 8 and haven't had a problem with it. I did get a big pen mark on it the first week but that was my fault. It's so pretty though :love:
  5. I bought the 4x7 w/ June PCE and have been using it daily since. I just throw it in my bag. I haven't had any issues with it snagging or getting dirty. I love it!

    Oh geez, that reminds me...I need to get a 2008 refill...