Anyone have the large sig carly in khaki/chocolate?

  1. Hey everyone, i'm sure there has been MANY posts on the carly bag, but i'm interested in buying the large carly in the khaki/chocolate for my PCE, but I wouldn't mind seeing some modeling pics of the bag if you own one... i didn't have time to search the forum to see if I could find modeling pics, but if you have any that would be wonderful!!
    *hey ash, i think this may be my purchase instead of the lily!*
  2. Lol, you will love Carly. I have a black large one, a khaki/angora medium and my new chili leather medium. I love them! I use the large one for school though because I don't carry that much anymore. I haven't seen this color combo on here, I don't think. When I was searching for my first Carly I wanted the khaki/chocolate but when I saw it IRL I didn't like it. The stitching looks like a weird color to me for some reason. It looks like a light pink stitching to me so I didn't like it. I can't wait for next PCE....I want a Lily but I got the hampton satchel (small compared to Lily) and my stuff shakes around because the bag is still too big! lol My next bag is the metallic Bridgit and then I am done! hopefully....Can't wait to see pics of what you get!!!
  3. yeah ash, i seen the medium carly and for some reason that just looks a "tad" bit small for me... i'm gonna have to see come tomorrow, thats when i'm gonna go into COACH... i hope the stitching isn't "weird?" i really like that color combo... i really wanted the khaki/tan combo but supposedly its sold out in stores everywhere or something? if i can order that, i'll definitely get that one instead... i might "check" out the lily though too, haha, i'm sure i'll change my mind a few times when i'm in the store... wish me luck!! :smile: