Anyone have the Large Pocket Paddington Tote

  1. Just wondering if anyone has this bag. I ordered it in black. Can't wait to get it....but I worry it is too big:confused1: It is 15X11X6. Will it be too big to carry everyday?
  2. It is pretty big(not gym bag big), but I like big bags. I carried mine everyday for a few weeks. I love that bag, its so roomy and it fits easily on the shoulder and still looks good in the bend of the arm as well.
  3. Thanks ali w Sounds like I might like it then:yes: I like big bags! Do you love yours? What color is your bag? Do you find it very heavy?
  4. I have one in dark brown. I love it so and it can hold everything I need. I have other paddys, but this is my favorite and the only one that truly is large enough for me... (as I have mentiioned earlier, I still think a large bag makes me look thinner and taller!):supacool:
  5. I have one in mousse and it is VERY big and heavy. It does fit comfortably on the shoulder, but sooo heavy.
  6. My sister has one in Taupe, she lugs that thing everywhere with her plus it's very pretty.

    She even took it to Japan recently during her travels.
  7. Probably a great arm workout!!!! She is supposed to arrive tomorrow, so I'll let you know what I think. Can't wait!:yahoo:
  8. I really looove it, the color is gri-vert. It is heavy but i love it so much that I dont care. But when other people pick up my bag they say OMG what do you have in here bricks:lol:
  9. Received my bag and Love Her!!!!!:yahoo:Just the right size, a little heavy but....who cares!!!!! Totally addicted to chloes!!! Just got a Betty :yahoo:too! Love her!!!! Gotta stop! :nuts:
  10. Gotta stop!

    Trust me you won't......
  11. I am so happy for you. I took out my large paddy to fill up tomorrow! I have been neglecting her way too long. You have to monitor the jealousy that goes on in the purse section of your closet, you know!:graucho::heart::graucho: