Anyone have the large patent ergo?

  1. I am seriously in love w/ this bag in brown! I don't need the large, but the reg. size is probably too small. The coach store near me doesn't have it, is the large one huge? I also spied the "tote" also in brown patent. Anyone have any of these?:love:
  2. I love that bag!!! I tried on the large brown Ergo Hobo and it is GORGEOUS!!! I would seriously take one of my bags back for that!! My SA said that one is coming out in Teal.:love:
  3. hmm I am also interested hopefully some one can help you cause I am looking for a Big bag so I can take my books to school.
  4. large patent ergo in teal? :drool:
  5. I am on the prowl for one. They might make them in spring colors! Wouldn't a lavender one be sooooo gorgeous.
  6. I have the large black hobo and it's my favorite Coach bag.. Today. :roflmfao:

    Seriously, The Large hobos are great and they are big but they slouch so much that they don't look too huge!

    Here's me modeling it for ya!
  7. I always freaking do that!!! I always forget to upload the pic before I hit post :hysteric:
  8. I love the patent ERgos!!! The large hobo just does NOT hang right on me. It's too big. Same with the large tote. But the regular tote and small hobos are just right for me.
  9. I love my large patent ergo. It's big, but not too big. As it starts to slouch, it doesn't look as big as it does in the store.
  10. oh, was that TEAL, you said??:lol:
  11. I have the large hobo in black patent and a turquoise tote. Love both for different reasons.
  12. :tup:Thanks for all the responses! I really think I want the large patent mahogany! The tote is cute, but prob. too small.
  13. The reg. isn't very small at all. It's bigger than some purses I have and you would be amazed at how much it holds!!!
  14. One is coming out in teal??... WOW that would be gorgeous! I love the patent ergo... very pretty! :yes:
  15. I agree! Teal? I cannot wait!