Anyone have the large or small portia?

  1. I ordered the large in bisque but I saw the small show up on Neimans. Now I'm second guessing my purchase of the large..but I will wait and see!

    Anybody else have this bag or actual pictures of the small portia?
  2. Hi,
    I purchased the large Portia in bisque also, but ended up returning it. It was too heavy for me, and once I put my stuff in it it was even heavier. Also the handle does not stay up, which I found annoying. It would slip into the bag and you had to fish it out. It's a beautiful bag and I fell in love with the structure but sadly it was not for me. Hope you enjoy it. I am 5 6" for height reference and the large was a good size.
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  3. image.jpeg Finally had a chance to upload a pic. Sorry about the bad lighting.
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  4. Definitely a pretty bag but not much use if it is too heavy to use!!
  5. Thanks Fendilove! I actually ended up returning the bag as well. Way too big for me. I am waiting for the bisque color to be available in either small/medium and I will repurchase! Hopefully this happens soon! lol