Anyone have the large Fendi B-Bag?

  1. hello ladies,

    i know most of you have the regular fendi b-bag but i was wondering if anyone have the large one? is it too big for everyday use? i saw the regluar one and it was too small for me. pics would be great, too.

    thank you! ;)
  2. Rosemary, I don't have one now, sold it, but can comment on it. I felt it was just a bit too big & not well designed & a bit awkward. Seems the medium size B bag works better IMO. Also the rivets that hold the flap closure onto the bag sometimes break due to the way the bag is engineered & its size.

    Of the larger Fendis, I would recommend the large Bag de Jour, the Selleria Borghese Equestrian leather bag & the Fendi (regular or large) spy bag...but the larger B bag is not my favorite. Just my two cents here. Some PFers love the large bag & just get it repaired when the rivets give out. :yes:
  3. ^ thank you! :biggrin:
  4. Hey, Rosemary! I got a large B Bag, you can see pictures over at if you scroll down to the bottom a little bit.

    Well imo, my bag is THE HOLY GRAIL of the b bags :yahoo::nuts: perhaps im bias but look at the size and color combination! everytime i take it out from my dustbag, i literally :drool: and hug and smell it. crazy, i know but i cant help it!

    i think the medium b bag is too small for me too! my bag has been perfect since i got it, nothing broken YET! i tend to be really rough with my bags but it's holding up really well so far! however, it is really annoying getting things in and out of the bag 'cause the closure latch is pretty hard to deal with. but the beauty of it makes it all worthwhile, trust me :smile: