Anyone Have the Large Classic Paddington?

  1. Does anyone out there have the large paddy -- 48cm x 24cm x 24cm? It seems more like a small suitcase but I am very tempted by the LVR sale. If you have one or have just tried it on for size could you share your opinions?
  2. I've tried it on and want one for only for travel purposes. The bag is huge and heavy for it to be a daily bag but that's just my personal opinion. I'm hoping LVR will go 50% off on it and I'll definitely swipe one if it does.
  3. Thanks Eucalytic. That's what I was afraid of. I have been kicking myself about not jumping on the tan Paddy at the NAP sale when I saw it instead of thinking it over for a few hours. Now I won't rest 'til I get a new Paddy, just hoping not to pay full price.
  4. its a great overnight bag too, but unless you are a very tall lady, I would say its very large as an everyday handbag.

    Is there a picture on LVR of it being modelled? that might help you with dimensions and size.
  5. Chloe-babe, you are right. I'm only 5'2" and felt the bag was bigger than me when I tried it on but would be perfect for a carry-on or an overnight bag like you say. Still, I want one. hehehhe...
  6. Guys I am 5 10 and it was huge for me! I definately couldn't carry it as a day bag it would definately be a going away for the weekend bag. Lovely though
  7. Did you guys notice that the 30% is not showing on the LVR site anymore? Is that sale over?
  8. Green_eggs -- you're right. Although it still says 30% off on the front page>
  9. I noticed that too--very weird!
  10. Yes I think it is over unfortunately
  11. +Sonja+ has large paddy satchel in tan, IRRC

    I have the large paddy tote and it's a great size for work.
  12. The 30% off is back at LVR!!!!!! I think they do this just to torment us :sweatdrop:
  13. It's HUGE! I got one at Nordstrom on sale in a light taupe color, but it's too big and I think it's going back. It would certainly make a great work/weekend bag.
  14. I agree, it's kind of large as an everyday bag (if you're not into huge handbags), but is great weekender/work bag:yes: Oh and it's very comfortable to carry on a shoulder, then it doesn't feel that heavy. I found some pictures of me carrying mine, I hope these help you to figure out the size:idea: I'm about 5'7''
    tan on sh .jpg tan 062.jpg
  15. +sonja+: Thanx for the photos; you carry it off very well (nice necklaces, too!). I am only 5'2" and I think it might be out of proportion on me. I am going to measure my weekend bag and compare size-wise.