Anyone have the Large Carly in Khaki/Bronze?

  1. I think I want that to be my next purchase. I sold all my Carly's for a Balenciaga "fix" and now I regret it (and regret trying a brand other then Coach!!) so I want to start my Carly collection again. I wasn't too into the Gold trim but this new Bronze trim looks like a more kickass gold shade that I think I'll love! I just can't get to a Coach store to see her in person! I've seen a lot of medium sized bronze ones here but does anyone have the large? Would the "bling" be too overwhelming you think? I'm trying hard not to give in to my instant gratification gene, I was just wondering if anyone has the bronze trim LARGE Carly if they could show me some modeling pics!!
  2. I had the medium Carly last year that had the metalic gold leather and I loved it but I sold the bag so I could get a large Carly. I looked at the new gold leather and I didn't like it. It was too shiny or something for my taste. I just didn't care for it. I neded up getting the chocolate trim.
  3. Really? Man I guess I'm just going to have to see for myself. I think I might be able to make a trip to Coach tomorrow. OH I hope I love the color, I hate getting so excited about a bag only to be dissapointed once I see it for real! ;_;
  4. I have the large Carly in Khaki/Bronze and I love it! At first I was torn between the large Carly brown and teh khaki/bronze...but the SA said it was the last one and I had to buy it! I don't find it's tooo 'bling' I think it's just enough for me! Go check it out and see if you like it! I get lots of compliments on it!
  5. Yes you should go look at it in the store before you buy it. You might like the shiny gold but it was too much for me.
  6. I asked the same question last week and tattersall posted a pic of her bag for me.....

    Here is tattersall's bag....Thanks tattersall!!!!!!:love: She said on my thread that the wristlet is actually khaki/gold.:yes: And the lg. Carly is khaki/bronze.
  7. i loveeee the bronze =] it's never too much bling. although the flash might've made it look a little overkill on the shiny. especially on the large bag its good cause you've got more khaki material so the gold trimmings won't over power the bag
  8. I think the bronze is pretty, let us know if you like it!!
  9. I am in lust with this bag right now. I don't have one (yet, but my bday is coming in April and major hints are getting dropped), but I drool over it everytime I'm in the store. It's obviously a metallic leather, but I don't think it's that shiny myself.
  10. OH we're suppose to get many inches of snow today but that's not going to stop me!! They put one on hold for me today and I am going!! I hope I love her! thanks for the input girls!!

    Wow the gold and bronze look almost exact in that photo, LA!