Anyone have the Kooba Eden?

  1. I want a new Kooba.:graucho: I am eying the Eden in metallic. I was wondering if anyone has this bag and how they like the style etc and if anyone had real life pics of it.

    I don't have a black bag (I tend to wear more brown shoes, jackets) so I am thinking of the metallic. Would this bag go well with brown or black accessories? I can't tell by the stock photo. TIA!

  2. I think everyone has been generally underwhelmed by the Fall Kooba collection, the Eden included. It's too bad. I don't recall anyone posting that they bought one. But, maybe there is somebody out there . . .
  3. I think Nunnla has one. She originally bought a pewter, I think, and then replaced it with a black. If you do a search, I think you'll find a few posts, some with pics. I love the black one - that's my next target, but I'm broke right now.
  4. Oh, that's right. I think Nunnla did buy one.
  5. And it's really not a bad looking bag. Quite attractive after seeing it more. But I just don't want to spend the money on a bag I feel "so so" about when there are "Wow" bags out there for me.
  6. I agree Lexi. I like it but don't love it and for the price I am not sure. Soo anyone have a suggestion on a bag???? I need a bag to match black accessories.
  7. I did buy a pewter Eden and was underwhelmed by it. The metallic color just doesn't compare with the metallic army Sienna. So, I returned it for a smooth black one and I like that bag a lot but it doesn't hold as much as a Sienna; kind of a thinner, low profile bagl. Here are a couple pictures.
    Front.jpg Back.jpg Upright.jpg On Ron.jpg Leather.jpg
  8. Gosh--I like that bag, everytime I see the IRF pictures I fall in love all over again.
    It's very stylish and ladylike. Are you enjoying it Nunnla??

  9. Nunnla, your hubby is such a good sport modeling them for you!!!
  10. Karenina, what is your avatar bag it looks great.

  11. I'll answer for Karenina....It's a Mini Love Me Belen Echandia. Isn't it beautiful. I love these bags but just haven't taken the plunge yet. I am very enticed but just not sure about size, style, etc.
  12. Thanks Lexie. I am guessing it is a very expensive bag? It does look nice in her picture.
  13. I think the Mini is 595 and the regular size is 748.00. That's why I'm being cautious. No codes and there is a few on Ten Muse (the only US place to get them). Otherwise it's London...and that means custom charges added on to that price.
  14. "Shipme" is the code for free shipping from Belen Echandia (not sure how to even pronounce it).
  15. Yea but Customs is like an extra 40-50 dollars. I'd have to do Muse Ten if I did. Then it is returnable. I talked to a girl who had to ship her bag back to London and she lost about 120 dollars in customs both ways and shipping back to London.