anyone have the kendall? or seen it in person?

  1. [​IMG] is this a purple or a red?
  2. Oooooh, me likey. I'd call that red. Where is it for sale?
  3. i gotthat pict on the site. i thinkim going to return the mj fran and buy this one instead, though i cant decide if i like the brown or red better..
  4. Sorry, I didn't see this post so I related to the color in your other post.

    It definitely has some purple in it. The purple shows more in outside in the daylight and inside the house it is more of a dark red with a slight hint of purple.

    I took this picture outside in the afternoon.
  5. thanks!!
  6. I have a brown kooba (many years old, a gift from a friend) that looks like this but with a few differences. It has 2 shorter handles and is taller with a zipper top. The side pockets and hardware are the same and the front flap pocket runs most of the width of the bag. there are "belt" details on the sides above each pocket. Five aged brass feet on the bottom that match the hardware. Does anyone know its name? Thanks!