Anyone have the Kelly Soho Bag?

Mar 24, 2009
Hi I'm new to the Hermes frenzy :smile: I am getting ready to purchase the Kelly Soho bag. My Hermes has it in the Togo Gold leather which is nice but I really want it in the Togo orange leather. My sa is going to call another store to see if they can do a purse swap. Does anyone have this bag and do they love it? It just fits so nicely under the arm and on the shoulder.

Also I have a few questions. I thought that the waiting list for a Birkin was closed but to my surprise my sa said that she could add me to the list but it would be a while before I got mine. Are the lists ever closed? Also my Hermes had a Birkin and a few Kelly's in stock to purchase. That would lead me to assume that if one would walk into an Hermes store at random times they may get their hands on a Birkin or Kelly without waiting?



Mar 25, 2006
It's the So Kelly that you're enquiring about. If you search the reference thread, you will see many pictures. You will, in fact, see how gorgeous an Orange So Kelly looks like, belonging to geminisparklers.'

It comes in 2 sizes; 22cm long and also 26cm long. I have one in Curry Togo. It also comes in Evercalf now.

Regarding "waitlist", it depends on your H store. In stores where demand exceeds supply, the lists are closed. If you see a Kelly or Birkin on the shelves, walk-ins should be able to buy. Some stores have display Birkins, and these are not for sale. For example, in Beijing.