Anyone have the jimmy choo agnes stiletto?

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  1. Can anyone share or comment on this pair of shoes? I really want it, but im not sure how comfortable they are, as most of the shoes when i try them on in stores they are always comfortable, but once i walk away with it, or have it on for couple hours, i just want to take it off, lol

    Im looking for maybe 4-5 hours of comfy wear, with moderate standing time, or other recommendations around the price range?

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  2. Not exact shoe, but I wear Agnes in snake fabric to work regularly; very comfortable for me.
  3. I got this exact pair. It is 90 and comfy for half day wear… i havent worn for whole day yet

  4. Cool, thank you!

  5. Now u make me want them even more!! Haha
  6. I have the Agnes heels in Champagne glitter, very similar to the pair you're looking at. I wore them to a friend's wedding and they were very comfortable on my feet for the whole night, dancing included. I think the heel is a moderate enough height, so your feet don't tire as fast. I also have some Abel heels, which are slightly higher than Agnes, and wearing them my feet get tired faster. But overall, I find all Jimmy Choos to be very comfortable. Good luck with your purchase! :smile:
  7. I don't have the Agnes but I do have a pair of Abel (100mm heel) and these are exceptionally comfortable. I wore them to a wedding, so they were on from approx 11am till 1am.
    I am by no means a regular totterer on vertiginous heels, so if I can, anyone can :blossom: