Anyone have the Illovo??

  1. Specifically the PM...I was wondering how much this bag holds and if there are any pictures of someone wearing it (or MM). I did a search but I could not find anything
  2. I have the Damier Illovo PM and it is absolutely amazing how much stuff this bag holds. I am not kidding. I meant to take a picture and will try to do it later for you. You will not believe it! It is a great bag.
  3. Oh please do! That is the one that I am thinking of getting, I was just worried that it may be too small. It is so hard to judge the size on the website.
  4. i am currently craving the illovo mm. i tried it in the store. i have big stuff so it just fit my zippy groom, medium epi agenda cles etc. there was maybe a little extra room but not so much. it was a nice size though. they told me the PM is small. i didn't see it when i was there though
  5. I don't carry too much, nothing big either. I have kids, but I really don't carry anything of theirs in my purse (I use a diaper bag for that). My wallet isn't even very big so I was curious if the PM would work for me...I just nned to see it in person or in a picture.
  6. Thanks for pulling up your old thread taco! I was curious about the Illovo myself.
  7. I had wondered this for the longest time. When I finally tried it on, I didn't like it. I liked it better in pictures. The bag was much BIGGER than I thought. Looked odd on me though. JMO.
  8. Thank you so much Taco, I don't know how I missed your pst (I have been searching since yesterday!). Wow, that really does hold quite a all in all you are pretty happy with it?
  9. Love it, it's a great bag for going out to dinner or running around. The strap fits nicely under your arm, so if you don't have anywhere to set the bag down it is comfy t wear during dinner & drinks. I am thinking of getting the MM too, because I love the less structured shape of the Illovos. The bag does have enough body that it doesn't get too saggy, I think it's the way LV pleated the bottom that does it. Great little bag :love:
  10. Thank you for your help! Do you know the price of the MM? I am torn here.
  11. I been wanting to check out Illovo pm or mm eversince I saw it in eluxury. But I didn't have time to go to the LV boutique. I hope there's picture of someone modeling it that way I can see how it looks on them.
  12. I had the mm but I returned it since it was very oddly shaped when I put my things in it. Also, the color transfer was way worse than my damier speedy.
  13. I just called my SA at the Seattle store and they do not have an MM but they can get one for me. It is $660.00.
  14. LV Rawks, Just for you! Here are images of my Illovo PM that I Il-love! and all the stuff in it and me modeling the bag for you!
    Illovo-PM-and-my-stuff.jpg Illovo-PM-on-crook-of-elbow.jpg Illovo-PM-over-the-shoulder.jpg