Anyone have the Hobo Stam?

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  1. After tons of rough luck and buying (and returning-thank goodness) a fake MJ hobo stam, I'm ready to go pick one up myself full price at Saks.

    I really like the style of the bag and the quilting- I also like the idea that it is not as popular as the reg. stam.

    My only concern is that there is no zipper to close the bag. As it's a huge bag.... I fell like I'll end up putting so much stuff in it. I live in NY and am always cautious of my personal belongings. But i'm still curious if it's a great idea for me.

    Does anyone have the stam hobo? Do you feel like it stays closed sufficiently with that magnetic snap?

    I'd love to hear all opinions and info on this bag! Thanks!!
  2. Got it, love it and I have no problems with the snap staying closed. I have to qualify that by saying I do NOT overstuff my bag at all. I never cared for open bags in the past b/c I worried about people reaching in my bag, but the way the Stam hobo sits on my shoulder, it's snuggly under my arm next to my body. I don't (and won't) use the chain to carry though. To me, the chain is for appearance. The bag hangs WAY too low using the chain as a shoulder strap and it's not very comfy either.
  3. Thanks and I agree... I think i woud wear it on my shoulder witht he black strap mostly or hand held if I was wearing my cape.
  4. ^ Prada Psycho has a Stam Hobo in Cashew, I like this color. =)

    Yes.Please - You can get MJ bags at Bloomingdale's today for 20% off. Buy a $10 ticket (all proceeds go to charities) which then gives you a 20% off a $300+ purchase.
  5. hmm. i think i'll call and see if they have one there!
  6. ^^^They have it in Mouse on the Bloomies website. The code treat2 will also give you 20% off!
  7. the mouse it very nice but i'm looking for the black really.

    thanks though!!
  8. I would say that the since the bag is so large and deep, despite the snap opening, it would be really difficult for a pickpocketer to reach all the way down to grab anything quickly.

    And consider the chain a weapon of self defense.. LOL.
  9. That was my exact thought the first time I held the chain in my hands. It's so bloody chunky that it reminded me of those old movies where the "evil Harley biker" gangs terrorize innocent travelers by wielding their chains at them. I can see it now: a group of crazed women at the local mall ripping their chains off their Stams and chasing the SAs through the store demanding an extra 20% off.:roflmfao:
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I almost pee'd my pants you have me laughing so hard!!
  11. haha. thanks for the laugh and the info!!!
  12. Rofl!