Anyone have the Hayden Harnett Ibiza Flight tote?

  1. I'm just wondering if anyone has this bag and if they can post pics...thanks!
  2. I have this bag in olive and brown. I don't think I have any pics on it though... hm.

    It's a really great and functional bag though.
  3. I'm lusting after this bag as well. I really want it in khaki!
  4. Bought it when it first came out. Was the envy of everyone in the office. Love it!
  5. i have it in smoke blue, and got tons of compliments the weekend i took it to chicago. my only complaint is that the stitching on the side that was facing my body started to loosen slightly... i was really really shocked. meant to take it back to lunaboston to ask about a repair but never got around to it.

    i was wearing jeans most of the time that weekend, which i don't consider particularly 'abrasive.'

    still, i used it as a carry on, shopping tote around chicago, and a work bag to a conference, and it aced all those occasions!
  6. I have it in smoke blue, only used it once to carry my laptop on a trip to Asia. It worked well for traipsing around various airports. I wish it were a little lighter in weight, but it does have good padding.

    One day I'll get around to posting pictures of my bags, I know I'm a bad tPFer for not doing that.
  7. i had it in olive, i love it but i find it too heavy i had to return it to HH ... it was gorgeous thou
  8. i have it in olive as well. i have never used it though. i havent been traveling at all. i don't think i can return it, as i purchased it months ago. i think i bought it from lunaboston and used a code so i got a good price on it. unfortunately it's sitting in my closet with the tags still on!