Anyone have the Globe Cabas SHopper??

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  1. If so how do you like it?? do you kind of regret it??

    I've fallen in love with it...but for the price I want to make sure its durable and doesnt get dirty easily.
  2. Don't own it but almost purchased one a few months ago. I decided against it due to the dirt issue. For the price, I'd rather get real leather. It's a beautiful bag, though.
  3. I have the PM and I love it! I've had it since Nov. and I haven't had any problems with it getting dirty. I don't use it a ton and I baby my bags. You could probably get a spray on protectant for it though if you are worried about dirt.
  4. Its a gorgeous bag! They have matching shoes too! I love the blue!
  5. Yes, I love the light blue one too! Size MM. I want to use it as a pool bag!