Anyone have the gazelle?

  1. I was reading about the Tony Little gazelle online and it seems to be a pretty good deal. Does anyone have it? Do you like it?
  2. I have one, but like most things I buy it just takes up space! I liked it when i bought it - I should start using it again as winter is approaching, I want to keep my summer figure. Yea, I think it is worth buying - they also sell the Tony Little's Gazelle at local retailers - go online, I think I remember when I bought mine off HSN that Walgreens or Walmart had it online.
  3. ^ Thanks! I heard that there's not much resistance, do you think you get a pretty good work out?
  4. I bought the gazelle and gave it away. It has absolutely no resistance at all and was completely useless.
  5. I always wanted to try the Gazelle! hehe, it looks like so much fun to swing your legs around like that.

    Everytime I see that Geiko commercial, I think that Tony dude is going to fly off of his little machine. HAHA!
  6. I have one, and actually tried to use it last just felt like walking. I don't know how to use it...if it will even do anything lol
  7. The best version of a Gazelle type glider are the no-name types (like mine) that have the air cylinders on them. You can use it with or without the air cylinders. If you put the cylinders on them, HELLOOOO MAMA!! It's like walking up a hill covered in 2 feet of snow.

    Even without the cylinders attached you can still get a good workout, but you can't be taking a lazy window shopper's stroll. You need to get the speed up, your heart rate up and sweat or it won't work.
  8. Interesting... Some of the reviews I read said that it was a really good workout and other said they burned more calories cleaning the house! but it's better than sitting on my arse all day i'm sure!
  9. I have heard the Gazelle brand really does absolutely nothing for you, as earlier posters stated, it has no resistance. Besides this, it is REALLY flimsy and cheap feeling, if you have used a commercial-grade ellyptical, you will definitely be disappointed.
  10. My mom has one and I tried it....maybe for a beginner but I wasn't impressed. It was low impact but no resistance at all.