Anyone have the fuchia baggy or fuchia neo speedy?

  1. I'm still trying to decide between these two bags before they are discontinued and i'm just wondering---For those who own them, how often you carry them?

    They are both beautiful bags. But since pink does not match everything, how often you carry it?


  2. I have the baggy pm on blue denim, and so far it matches with everthing.
  3. I dont have one but i have to say the pink neo, Seems very nice for summer.
  4. here are actual pic's of board members with the bags in question.

    I love seeing members wearing their bags, it really helps to give you a true idea of not only the color but the size of the bag.
    124_2439 (2).JPG lv1.jpg nw11.jpg nw20.jpg lv15.jpg lv16.jpg
  5. I have a fuschia baggy pm and I use it in rotation with my other bags. I'm not into constantly changing my bags so I use it when I'm feeling in the mood for it. I love the way it feels and its quite comfortable on my shoulder. I have a shoulder requirement with most of my bags (except my speedy).

    It's really a personal preference. If you feel the need to match to a tee, then fucshia may not be the right color. But if you know you're going to get into a bright color to make everything (especially the bag) "pop", then go for the fuschia.

    As for the two bags, I don't really like the neo speedy. I say go for the baggy gm or pm!
  6. I have a baggy GM in fuchsia and I am itching for a fuchsia neo speedy... ;-P
  7. i think i would go with the fuschia looks easier to carry when your shopping around and want your hands free. plus u have the neo speedy in go for something different..get the baggy.

  8. Ha ha ha. That would be such wise advice pgurl but I also have the baggy gm in blue too!! :lol:

    Now do you see why I can't figure it out? :P

  9. Bagfetish thanks for the cute pics.
    These PF member pics really make me want both!!!! Arghhhh :hrmm:
  10. We have to thank Star3777 for her awesome collection and posting her bags while carrying them. Its great to see what the bags look like with different styles of clothing.


  11. yeah. It really does help :yes:
  12. hahaha, I still vote for the baggy. Star makes it looks so cute, i love hobos that sag etc. Im not too fond of the neo speedy for some reason. Im looking for a baggy gm in pink too, but i dont want to pay im going to wait until one shows up on ebay :graucho:

  13. he he. I've been looking on ebay too. Not too many people are selling them. I saw a baggy pm that was waaay overpriced. No gm's though

    You're right about the saggy look on the gm. I love it too. I also love being hands-free when I carry my blue baggy gm.
  14. I just got the fushia neo speedy and carry it everyday! I love it to pieces!
  15. Oh congrats!:yes: When I first got my blue neo speedy I loved it so muc I swear i wanted to eat it. :lol:
    Then I got my baggy gm and I'm loving that too.

    The denim line is an all around big hit for me. I love it.

    An SA at LV told me that next season they are going to introduce denim accessories.