Anyone have the Frye Maxine campus boots?

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  1. Hi all, Im thinking about getting these and would love to know if they are TTS. I have fairly wide feet (although I buy reg width) and am usually a size 9. Thanks!! : )
  2. I thought they were pretty.
    I wear a size 10 and my right foot felt fine.
    I have a very wide Left foot though, and that made the boots too uncomfortable for me.
    I had better luck with the regular Campus boots. :heart:
  3. hi, i'm debating between an 8 and 8.5. I have a wide foot in the front, a super low instep, and narrow heel (what a disaster!). The 8 is a little snug in the the box; there's still a little bit of wiggle room, but my toes hit the side of the shoe. Meanwhile the 8.5 has my foot swimming in it. You might be fine in the 9 if the boot stretches....Do you know if fryes will stretch in the toe box?