Anyone have the Francine?

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  1. I am in looooooove with it in teal.
    Will this bag ever be available in outlets with a decent discount?

    My outlet had the purple one (I was so surprised!) but it was still $719, and I want the teal.

    Does anyone have it? What do you guys think of it?
  2. I love it in teal too....But can never spend that much on a bag. I hope to see it in the outlet for less..maybe $300..but I have a feeling that it is limited edition and won't make it to the outlet....well lets wait and see
  3. I'm guessing this one won't ever make it to the outlets, but a girl can dream!
  4. my boutique has the Francine in teal, white and's TDF! I tried on the mahogany on Tuesday. It's so gorgeous...
  5. I doubt it will make it to the outlets.
  6. My boutique had one in purple and another in python (?? i think). I was shocked to see them there. The purple was $719 and the python was over $1000.
  7. Since it's a limited edition piece, I have a feeling that if you run across one at the Coach outlet, it was probably due to it being returned (reg. boutique purchase). I've done that in the past, returned a limited edition piece to my local outlet, which I'd purchased at the reg. Coach store. I've done that in the hopes that someone at the outlet will get the opportunity to own the limited edition piece at a really great price.
  8. yea, I doubt this will be at an outlet, but then a couple of people have seen XL Lily's at an outlet.