anyone have the fp w/ 8 cc slots?

  1. do you like it? thanks!
  2. I have one in azur. It is very feminine. I love it!
  3. I have the one in mono, soooo classic, so chic!!!
  4. I have the monogram, I like the PTI better
  5. I purchased the Damier one from Eluxury. Received it about two weeks ago but haven't used it yet. I'm actually thinking about exchanging :s .
  6. I dont like the french purse in Damier... but sooooooooo nice in Monogram:yahoo:
  7. i had the old fp but i sold it. i am using my agenda as a wallet, and i really like it, but i am thinking about a wallet again. thanks for the input!
  8. [​IMG]

    I just received mine:wlae: I'll take pics at home with the camera and let you know. (phone pic are terrible)

    Its a little smaller than expected. Very cute and feminine.