Anyone have the Fendi Spalmati print Selleria (horse design) in canvas or leather?

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  1. I missed out on the Chloe Equestrian that was similar to the Paddington ... so now I really want the large Fendi bag with the horse print.
  2. I don't have the one you mention, but I have this one & love it:

  3. That is GORGEOUS! Is that all leather? I notice the canvas one has writing near the horse.

    Like this?

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  4. Mine does not have writing near the horse, but it is quite stunning IRL because of the pressed areas that have raised leather that show the horse & details, very pretty. It is a large bag, however, so be prepared. And yes, it is all selleria leather. :yes:
  5. Thanks Baglady - I *soooo* want it now!!!

    p.s. Love the turtle pic.
  6. I have a similar one as baglady but in a dark brown leather.

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  7. Beautiful bag Fuyumi! Love it in that color...:nuts: It almost looks like the "bronze" in that photo, is it?
  8. Drool, drool, DROOL!! They are both stunning. I love the leather! I love the cream on esp.... Beautiful bags...
  9. Oh man Fuyumi ... I WANT that! I love the cream but I'm wondering how clean I can keep it. I've never done well with light colored bags.
  10. Hi, I'm new here, just found the board while searching for info about cleaning. I'm captivated already! What a neat surprise to stumble upon the same bag I need to have cleaned-or clean. I love the bag, all definitely feel guilty for not taking better care of it! Any recommendations? Thanks!
  11. Jessica,

    You might try doing searches for the products "apple guard" "apple garde" "lmb" "lovin my bags" and "coach leather cleaner" as these have all been discussed in great detail.
  12. Thank you, I will check those out!
  13. It does look kinda bronze in real life. ^^
  14. I'm also not good with light colors and I prefer my leather in browns.
  15. Hi- I just ordered this bag (I believe it's called "large villa tote" on NM site) in pewter;

    Can someone tell me with this can be carried over shoulder? Also, how hard is it to open close this bag (buckled strap closure)? Thanks for any advice you can give?