anyone have the epi leather soft speedy?

  1. Does it sag like the monogram canvas speedy? I hated that so I got rid of the mc speedy...this one looks sturdier and just wondering if it is...
    It definitely does not sag like the regular speedy-it has a leather piece on the bottom outside that helps with the structure I love that bag, and get much complements!
  3. i didnt even know there was a soft epi speedy. is it still in production?
  4. Nope, it holds its shape beautifully. I have the Black Epi Speedy 25 and I love it!
  5. I think thats just what they call it-check elux. I GOT MINE IN JAN 2006, IT WAS SOFT SPEEDY .
  6. It looks quite stiff to me, like a doctor's bag! I love it in black!
  7. me too, thats why i wanted to know who had it and what it was like...i'm just wondering if i'll use it enough to justify the price...
  8. I have the epi 25, and it does not sag at all!
  9. I have the 25 and it doesn't sag. It's absolutely divine and I love it!