Anyone have the denim mini pleaty?

  1. I am thinking of buying the denim mini pleaty in pink or green. I love both colors. I am so tired of all my big bags and want a small one for everyday-and one that I can throw in to a tote if I needed.
    So did anyone buy the mini pleaty? How do you like it?:amuse:
    I have been wearing my tiny small coach bag that is lime green with ladybugs on it these past few days to see how a small purse feels again:lol: and I am quite happy with it. The LV denim mini pleaty measures a bit larger so I know it will fit all my things.
    Just looking for some feedback.
  2. I don't have one, but i've tried one on at the boutique. They're very cute! I'd go for it if i were you! It's nice to switch things up a bit with size. :0)
  3. Question is > how much will it hold? do you need small accessories ie wallet to work with it or would a pti fit?
    Anyone with this bag can the display what can fit into this bag.

  4. I have the mini and it's amazing how much you can stuff in that bag. The form allows it to hold quite a lot. I use a FP wallet, so can't comment on the PTI, but I do carry my checkbook easily. Here are some pics. No criticisms because my accessories don't match please! I carry what I like :biggrin:

    The last picture shows the mini filled with the accessories and notice how much more room is left. I still can fit quite a bit in there.
  5. Wow! It does hold a lot! I didn't realize it held that much! Great pics!
  6. great pics, freetoes~!

    makes me wanna buy a mini....
  7. do you carry on your shoulder or carry around as a clutch?
  8. Thanks. I always start out with those main things in my bag and by 1 or 2 days, I have so much more junk in there.
  9. I usually carry it hand-held with the strap. I can put it on my shoulder, but I tend not to as it feels too close for me. I have put my pochette extender on there to give it more of a drop and that's much better for me. I'm pretty tall (5'8"), so I like it to hang a little lower than right under my arm.
  10. wow that holds a great deal. I think because its soft unlike the pochette its much easier to carry more.
  11. ooh freetoes that's cute. I never really thought about the mini b-cuz i've been so obsessed with getting a denim speedy. Which do your like best?

    Can you show a pic of how it looks on your shoulder??
  12. Get the green! I have the Baggy Gm(mommy bag-has to be BIG!!)..and I swear I turned sooo many heads when I took her out for her debut today!Never ever have I seen a bag so drooled over!LOL! The green is my is second....Good LUck!
  13. I haven't really given the mini a fair chance yet. I've only carried it a few times. I love, love the denim speedy. If I could, I would carry that year round. BUT I was never much of a pochette person, so if anyone loves the pochette, I think you would really love the mini. I got the mini because I loved how it looked on other people. he

    I think you should get both :lol:
  14. i don't have one but i've been drooling over one for months.......i'm forbidden from buying it though so i guess it's just a dream :sad2:
  15. Freetoes thanks for the guts post. Really puts the bag into perspective!
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