Anyone have the deerskin 'Downtown' tote

  1. This is the one without the pocket in front. I would like to see a real life picture of it.

  2. Victoire posted photos of one up in the YSL Photo Resource thread earlier today...
  3. Thanks Shazam.
  4. I have a medium in the chocolate & what I love about the deerskin is the Gorgeous soft leather & that the bag is lined entirely in beautiful soft dark brown suede. It's the Cruise collection that doesn't have the pocket and the other seasons are buffalo, which is beautiful too but I was too taken with the leather & lining of the Cruise Collection.
  5. I agree with Pinkie, the leather is just soo soft. It means the bag is quite slouchy though and it needs to be handled with care. As Pinkie said, it is from the 2007 cruise collection, but I believe you can still get it in the sales.
  6. No problem, I hope it helped with your decision!
  7. Bergdorf's is totally sold out of the deerskin. It never went on sale.
  8. I got mine from bluefly & they still have them in different colours but you have to keep checking because they come & go. If you find a discount code for 10% or more they can be very persuasive... mine was around $1000. They have had a lot of super YSL this spring & summer, both sizes in the Downtown, Rive Gauche, Muses & loads of beautiful wallets. I got a white long Muse type & it's gorgeous. They even had a violet Muse up this weekend!