Anyone have the David Yurman Bridal ring??

  1. I saw this on his website and instantly fell in love with it. It looks like a cable design ring with diamonds and solitaire. I was wondering if anybody out there know the price and where I would be able to get it. It's time for me to upgrade my ring.
  2. I've seen them only at the DY store in NYC. They are pretty, and if you really love DY, you should go for it.
  3. My DH bought me the eternity bands for our anniversary last year...and they are gorgeous!!! Expensive, because of the name attached...but also really sparkly diamonds!!
  4. The bridal line is exclusive to his boutiques. Has a variety of pieces in the collection. All gorgeous w/ the classic David Yurman trademark.
  5. I wonder how much the cable looking solitaire I saw on the website.
  6. This isn't about the DY ring, but about a DY bracelet. I adore DY. My husband just bought me my fourth DY bracelet in July - picked it out himself. Was my favorite thus far. Was in LA last week visiting my 17 month old grandson. Was leaving a store after shopping with him, he had a melt down and during the melt down he accidently pulled off my bracelet. Unfortunately I didn't realize it until after we had driven off. Went back - was gone and no one turned it in. Has been nearly ten days and I am still heart broken. Moral of the story - do NOT wear DY with toddlers! To make up for the loss just bought a Rebecca Minkoff and a Hayden-Harnett. Still.....