Anyone have the cuissard boot? I can't get them on :(

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  1. I just bought Fendi's red cuissard boots, the thigh high sock boots with leather. They are my size but I can't get these on! The leg is so tight and there is no zipper. I got my foot almost to the shoe part but then I got stuck :love:
    Does anyone have these boots? Did you manage to get in them? My ankle is 7 3/4" and my calf is 13"
    Help me I don't want to return them :crybaby:

    These are them :sad:

  2. Have you tried putting them on like tights (i.e. scrunching them down so you are just putting your foot in and then rolling up over your leg)? With my highland and lowland boots I usually fold them in half to get my foot in and then pull them up over my leg
  3. Try putting them on with a plastic bag! I've never tried but think I heard of Kourtney Kardashian using it to put on boots and then are websites on it! Google "boots with plastic bag"

    Amazing boots btw!!!
  4. The plastic bag method works with a lot of boot styles. My Mom used to have us do this as kids.....we had what we called "go-go" boots at the time, and man were they hard to get on! LOL......a thin sock with a plastic bag over the foot.....then as you get your foot into the boot, you tear away the bag. I can take a few tries till you get the gist of it.....but it works.
  5. Wow, really? That perked my ears up. I’m quite small, my calves are 11” and my ankles 7”. I wear a 37. I’d long ago given up on buying boots because they flip around.

    Is there a chance these could fit? What foot size are they? I’d love them.
  6. I bought a similar style from Fendi, the thigh-high boots with the double-F sock up the back and black leather in the front. They also don't slide all the way up my (big, fat?) thighs. I've never been more inspired to go on a diet, because there is no F*CKING way I am returning these! They were impossible to find in my size, had to order them international from LuisaViaRoma ! Let us know if the plastic bag trick works for you!

    Ack!!!!! glad I'm not alone, at least!