Anyone have the "COACH" charm fob? (Hooks from one side to the other)

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  1. Anyone have the charm fob that hooks from one side of the bag to the other... it looked like an LV charm fob... I want it, but don't know the style number.. it said COACH... I know someone recently found it at their outlet, but now I can't find that thread... any help would be much appreciated... Thanks!
  2. Isn't it GORGEOUS!! I ran across one on ebay not that long ago (couple of weeks at most) but it was outrageously priced - over $100. Gorgeous though. I wish I could figure out how to search specifically for it to see if it's still there. Can you imagine finding one at an outlet!! :nuts: About as likely as winning the lottery I think!!
  3. FINALLY found the pic of it... I'm looking for this charm fob... (Jaki, hope you don't mind I'm using your pic for reference)

  4. That one is Really cute! I would love to get it..Do they fit across all bags?
  5. :drool::faint:
  6. I just found the style #... its 92677... its sold out... boooooooo
  7. beautiful charm...and it looks good with that Kristin I want one!
  8. I know, right? Ugh, I want one! LOL, the girl that I borrowed the pic from, she said her outlet had one and it was only $19 bucks! Unbelievable!! :biguns:
  9. LMAO... and we are all enablers whether we want to think it or not :P
  10. YOU LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!?????? I wonder what the full price was - I guess around $60 - I think that is about as expensive as Coach fobs get right? $19 - wow!! Have you ever seen the price of the LV ones! About as much as a Coach bag I think. YIKES!!
  11. Yep, the girl on here named jaki, she said she found it @ her outlet for only $19, I'm assuming it was a return... the retail on this fob is $88, but I'd pay it for that fob!
  12. I just called to ask if and when there will be more.I also asked if they go the entire length of the bag, they do.I just never knew these charms existed, until Jaki's Reveal.
  13. Did you call JAX you mean? I called them and they said they are sold out and they aren't getting replinished... :sad:
  14. Yeah, they mentioned that to me to..I had the lady I spoke with try to see if Coach had another one coming out (different style), but nothing! I always end up learning about these things when they are Gone.:shucks:
  15. Yeah I hear ya, I remember this keyfob, but the thing is I didn't bite the bullet when it came out because I didn't want to spend $88 bucks on it, now I'm wishing I would've... :pout: