anyone have the coach carly bag?

  1. I saw a girl wearing it a few weeks ago..:drool:after drooling all over it, I really fell in love with the style, but I am unsure of which size it was. I am sure this will be my first coach purchase!! Can someone please post a picture of them carrying it? Another there any price difference from purchasing it from Macy's vs the Coach store?
  2. if you do a search, there are lots of us with pics.

    and the pricing should be the same. :yes:
  3. I'm at work, so I don't have the ability to post pics, but I have a medium Carly and love it! I don't think there are any price differences between Macy's and Coach boutiques.
  4. here is a pic of me wearing the large carly in parchment. i returned it because it was just toooooo big for me.

  5. I have the medium in camel. I got it at Macy's and paid the same price.
  6. Large cotton signature Carly (chocolate) on a 5' 1" me :


  7. Jane that Carly looks good on you. Kittycat824 that is an adorable dog. I don't have the Carly but I want a leather one in both black and camel or maybe parchment.
  8. Oh I have been drooling over this bag since it first came out. This will defentially be my next purchase.
  9. I have the large Carly in black leather and in canvas with pear trim. It is a large bag but I love it and I have found the more I wear it the better it looks and hangs by my side. I am seriously drooling over the new cotton one and trying to rationalize another Carly purchase. I guess that qualifies me for a Carly addiction.
  10. I have the medium Carly. I bought this 2 months ago and it was a PAIN to hunt down! I managed to snag the last one at a Coach store on the other side of town.

    I am 5'3 ish
  11. It's my understanding that you wouldn't be eligible for the PCE coupon if you bought from Macy's .. prices would be the same either way.
    I was unaware of this in the past and used to shop on (which apparently doesn't make you eligible for the PCE coupon either).. So, if you plan to buy more Coach bags in the future, it's probably best if you shop through a Coach boutique. (either by phone or going in)
  12. Wow that looks GREAT, I like how it slouches. =D
  13. I have the large Coach Carly as well..I'll post pics when I get home....However I think they are hard to locate right now..My SA told me they were sold out...:sad:
  14. Jane I LOVE your bag!! It looks great on you!!!
  15. Jane, is the large Carly heavy on your shoulder?