Anyone have the Christian Louboutin Miminette Wedge?

  1. I really want to get this but am a bit worried about the patent. It comes in metallic silver and gold as well as a black patent. What I really want is a dull finish in the black, but I was thinking of getting the black patent. Anyone who has seen it or has it,

    Is it really that shiny?

    Are they comfy to walk in b/c they are 2in?

  2. i like this one too!
  3. i ordered those i get them next week. U can get black patent at
  4. Thanks girls! Angelie, let me know how shiny the shoes are and if you are reflecting when you walk. Love them really, but not so sure about the patent. . .
  5. My friend bought these last week and wore them when we went out shopping (with Havaianas in her bag just in case!) and she said they were very comfortable. She said she wouldn't want to spend a day trawling Manhattan in them but certainly no issues.

    The silver ones are VERY shiny, a mirror like finish in fact. I saw the black in Neiman Marcus and they were yummy!! :drool:
  6. I love those.
  7. they r supposed to be a mirror finish both gold and silver


    (i borrowed a pic from someone on pf)

    thats what i like abt em cuz the finish is different and very in
  8. Now I'm thinking I might hunt these down!! :graucho:
  9. Me too!

    I've always wanted Louboutins, but I can't walk in heels higher than 3"!
  10. They really are SO pretty in real life too

    *goes on the hunt* :ninja:
  11. These are yummy!
  12. Barneys in New York has an almost identical style of CL's in black calf - only with a thin string bow, like a ballet shoe. They also have the mirror ones like Saks, in a higher heel. I just bought a pair. Very pricey but comfortable and look great with a suit or a dress. I am thinking about buying a second pair in another color, as they also had tan and grey.
    Hope this helps.
  13. I went to buy the black patent ones on Friday from Selfridges........they've sold out! :crybaby:
  14. I think I saw the Gold ones on one of the online website...forgot which one.
  15. NAP has the gold