Anyone have the 'chain' medium hobo with horsebit?

  1. Hey! Does anyone on here have the medium chain hobo with the horsebit detail on the strap? I would love to hear your opinions on this bag and if any of you have pictures of you carrying the bag, i would love to see them!

    Thank you so much!
  2. I don't have it but I have seen a bunch of posters say they really liked it.. I'm sure they will come here soon.
  3. yes i do have it and i love love love love love it. wait did i mention that i LOVE it!!! i would highly recommend it. [​IMG]
  4. ditttttto! its my FAV bag of all time! just got the black on black and tottally love that color combo! sooo chic!
  5. what size is that shorty???
  6. it's the medium (smaller) one that is 830. the larger one was just tooooo large it was like a bottomless pit. :nogood:
  7. This bag is still a number 1 seeler for Gucci, good choice
  8. This is my first post. Great time to talk about my first Gucci! I have the medium horse bit hobo with black GG fabric and it's the best bag ever! Great because it sits well on the shoulder (the leather does soften) but it also rests on the floor...unlike some other hobos. Great bag!
  9. this is mine:
    (sorry for the big pic :smile:)

    l:heart:ve it so much! it's one of my favourite bags! you can't go wrong with this jewel!

  10. [​IMG]I've posted this before, but the medium chain is a great everyday and evening bag! This is the black one in Guccisima leather
  11. I dont have a picture of me holding it, but I have a picture of my guccissima horsebit. It is about in the middle of the first picture. It is absolutly an amazing buy