Anyone have the blue jean color silverado?

  1. I have both the chocolate and blue "jean Moyen" color of the silverado shoulder bag, both of which I got on sale at Bloomingdale's. I already have a brown bag, so i'm kind of leaning toward the blue one, which I think is beautiful, it's actually grayish blue. I'll send pics as soon as my friend come over with her digital camera... I definitely just want to keep one of them. Any opinions?
  2. I have the Chloe Silverado tote in the Jeans Moyen. I love the color - I think it is very versatile. The chocolate is proabable gorgeous as well - tough decision. Go with what works best with your wardrobe. Be sure to post pics when you get your camera.
  3. I haven't seen the jeans moyen silverado but I have a paddie in that colour & it's held up beautifully with daily wear for months now and goes with most everything... it's a beautiful blue/gray shade.
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