Anyone have the Bleeker leather mini-wallet?

  1. If you have this (Item# 40880), how do you like the coin compartment? Is is easy to access change from? I'm dreaming of that as my next buy; to match a new Bleeker black leather shopper. Would luv 2C pics . . . esp of the coin section. Not shown on Coach website.
  2. i do. i dont use the change section for coins. i use it for other credit cards. i can take a pic later. it's cute w/ pink inside =D
  3. I have it - I love it! I don't use it for coins, but for other cards. Here are pics of it empty:
  4. Where do you gals store your coins then? In the mini skinny?
  5. I don't carry coins because I don't carry cash. I use my debit card for everything.
  6. ^^ how do you buy coffee/soft drinks?
  7. I don't drink soft drinks and the place I buy coffee from takes debit/credit cards. :smile:
  8. I have this wallet (I bought it during PCE) but it's wrapped up under the tree so pics will have to wait until next week...
  9. Yep!

    I use the coin compartment of my wallets for store cards and coupons.
  10. That is so perfect for me. It's so much like a favorite Wilson's Leather wallet I've had for years, but have not been able to find a replacement for. It's now worn out with the main credit card compartment hanging by just a thread. Thanks a bunch for sharing your info & pictures, ladies. Now I know what I'll be buying myself next (after the holidays, of course!)