anyone have the bleeker leather duffel? i have some questions

  1. so i want my next coach bag to be all leather, and i want a roomy slouchy bag because i already have some structured ones. i was cruising the coach website and came accross the bleecker leather duffel, i really like the grass green and rose colored ones. does anyone have this bag?

    does it stay on your shoulder without falling off? (i have trouble keeping my hamptons caryall on my shoulder it drives me nuts!

    is it big enough to cary lots of stuff in?

    and is it just as nice looking in real life as it is on the website?

    thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I know some girls here have it----hopefully one of them can help you out!! I love the new spring Bleecker colors!
  3. :tup:I have the medium duffle in wine. The leather is soft and it has a great slouch.

    I don't have any trouble keeping it on my shoulder. I like that the strap is adjustable.

    I carry a slim envelope wallet, bleecker capacity wristlet, a make up bag, my work keys/pager, cell phone and have plenty of room.

    Let us know what you decide!
  4. Oh Yes!!! It holds LOTS of stuff AND stays on my shoulder. I love them so much that I have 5!!:love:
  5. ^^^ thanks! the wine sounds nice but i dont see it on the website, i really like the rose and i carry alot of stuff in my bag to so i need the room
  6. I don't know if you have access to Outlets but I bought a wine for $169 at the one near me.

  7. wow! unfortunately im not close to an outlet, or even a store for that matter lol.
  8. I never even gave this bag a second look - i really prefer more of a structured formal look in my bags. However the other day just goofing around at the Coach store while my SA was placing my order, I tried on on and it looked really cute! I was very surprised! I still dont know if I would actually buy one, but hmmm its given me another bag to think about in the future!

  9. im the same way, all my other bags are structured and just basic colors like white and brown, thats why im thinking about this bag, im trying to mix things up a bit :smile:
  10. Are you looking at the large or medium duffle?? I have the medium and its a good size but a little on the small side. The large is great for size but is a bit too large for me. I like both the rose and grass colors, both are so springy!

    I normally carry a lot but I just use smaller accessories and try not to carry everything I own when I decide to use it.
  11. im looking at the medium, im hoping it will be big enough to carry my stuff but not TO big i also found out the larger bag i have the more stuff i carry lol to the medium should be fine for me
  12. also another question i just thought of, does the leather have a bit of shine to it like it does in the photos on the coach website? it looks really nice
  13. I bought a large bleecker natural colored buck or something. Large and nice but can be heavy when I throw all my stuff in. The strap is wide and sits securely on my shoulder. I can strap it cross shoulder when my right shoulder gets tired.

    Only thing is I have to pay close to USD360 for it even after discount! It cost USD 670 here before discount. Too expensive for me.
  14. I have a large duffle- it sits firmly on the shoulder and wears very well- I usually tend to carry way to much though because it is so roomy inside.
  15. I have this one pictured below and didn't like it. It is the XL and it's just too much in every way, shape and form!!! She's OUTTA here!!!!!!!!!