Anyone have the Bleeker Capacity Wristlet?

  1. In signature or leather? If do you like it? Is it really big? (like annoying-ly big?) If you have pictures, of inside and out, can you share?

    Thanks so much!
  2. I was all set to get one but when I went back in the store to look at them again, they looked a little too bulky to me. i'm thinking about it. I still might go back and get one but I'm leaning towards getting a small wallet instead :wtf: (i never thought I'd be saying that).
  3. I have one and love mine. I got the khaki and black one. I use it as my wallet. I like that it is bigger so I can put my phone, mini skinny, card case, etc in it and still be hands free. It is the same length as the legacy wristlet, but wider and a little taller. I don't think it is too bulky. It takes up less room than a fullsized checkbook wallet in my bag. Hope that helps!
  4. I have the black signature. It's a perfect size and not too bulky. Fits nicely in my Carly, and when I don't use my Carly the wristlet is big enough to fit my important essentials when I'm going out shopping. I'll go take pics right now.
  5. First Pic- front

    Second- back

    Third- Inside of front flap

    Fourth- Inside of zip-top closure
  6. Here are pics of the brown one I had, I sold it and got the khaki and black instead, but same thing. I use a card holder from Coach that I got at an outlet and I also have one from Lodis that I use to keep my cards in that I use all the time, and then I use a mini skinny for loose change, I keep the mini skinny in the front pocket under the flap. Hope this helps!
    10-23-07 005.jpg 10-23-07 007.jpg 10-23-07 009.jpg 10-23-07 010.jpg
  7. ^^^ Thank you so much for taking the time to post pictures - both of you! Very much appreciated!
  8. I got the brown sig one this past weekend and I absolutely love it! I especially love that it has the flap and I use that for my checkbook while all my cash, and important cards are in the zipper part, plus it matches my new carly beautifully!
  9. LOL - I bought one to match my new Carly too! O course...I'm not SUPPOSED to know I'm getting a new Carly for christmas! hehe I tried the wristlet out in the floor model of the medium...looks like it's gonna work out well!

    Dh got me the khaki/black Carly...and I got myself the khaki/coal wristlet (and legacy strip pony tail scarf to hang on the carly...)

  10. I asked for the khaki and wine for Christmas. Hopefully DH will get it for me. Especially since I bought myself the mini skinny in wine. Hope you get one the tattersall lining is gourgeous.
  11. I have the wine leather capacity wristlet, and it is just fantastic. The zipper pouch easily fits my phone, cash, lip gloss and business cards and the front flap holds money, credit cards, etc. It's not too bulky at all and is great for when I'm out running with my kids and don't want to carry a purse with me.

    I would definitely recommend it.:love:
  12. I got the chocolate signature one as a gift from DH (see my thread), which I had to exchange for because the other SA in on the surprise misunderstood brown to mean the british tan leather. So I got to go back and exchange for miss chocolate sig to match my duffle!
    Very happy with her :heart: She's a great wristlet!!!
  13. You can fit a checkbook in it?? I have the brown signature one on my Christmas wishlist but I'm not expecting it with all the other goodies I put on my list! LOL! I may have to get it after the holidays are over though, I've been wanting a wristlet that a checkbook can fit into!
  14. I talked my sis into one and she now owns three! She uses it instead of a wallet also and it fits her phone too. I haven't gotten one yet but its on my list!!
  15. I have the chocolate one and just used it for the first time tonight and I am very surprised at how much I could fit in there! It's great! I didn't put anything in the front pocket but in the zip part I had a mini skinny with money and cards, my blackberry, eye drops, chapstick, and a pack of gum! I still had room to spare! It will definately be my wristlet of choice from now on!