Anyone have the Azur Saleya MM???

  1. I saw this on Elux and was wondering if anyone had one. Does it stay onyour shoulders easily or does it fall off because the handles are rolled instead of flat?? TIA!:p
  2. I have it and love it. Its a great shoulder bag. The outer strap falls off every once in a while but a lot less than my BH does.
  3. I don't have one but I've tried it on and carried it around the store for awhile. It does fall off once in awhile, but usually just the outer handle.
  4. Anyone has a picture with their Saleya MM?? Cuz I am considering in buying one but I wondered the size still (dunno whether MM or PM) I am about 5"3.

  5. Here's a pic of my Saleya pm next to the mm. The size is the same in azur.

    Hope this helps!
    Saleya MM PM.jpg
  6. You can check the Visual Aids thread and do a search.
  7. this is a nice reference, I'm also getting the pm in azur this week(fingers crossed).. thanks westie:yes:
  8. i'm 5 ft & i love the MM. ;) definitely get it. PM is way too small for me
  9. I'm also 5'0, and when I tried it on in the store, I just felt so small compared to the bag ! I'm probably going to get the PM instead, I got the speedy 25 first since that at least felt proportional ! :push:
  10. Because I am thinking of either getting the pm or mm next I tried it on yesterday in the shop-it is great, stays on my shoulder and looks right for my height (162cm)-I want a damier bag next but if not I would go for the azur, it looks so good:drool:
  11. I wated to have the stle of a beach bag look, so i really liked MM. I think pm looks beeter held in hand than MM
  12. I am 5'0 and the MM looks great. I mean its big, but I love big bags.
  13. I love the MM size! I want!!! (in Damier)